Park City Prep Charter School

To All Park City Prep Families:Bridgeport has just announced an early dismissal today; as a result, Park City Prep will be dismissing all students at 1:30 pm today...There will not be any after-school activities today... The Grade 6 trip to Nature's Classroom is from Monday, December 2nd through Wednesday, December 4th.
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In 6th grade Language Arts we will focus on becoming stronger readers and writers. To become flexible, resilient readers, I want students to have a toolkit of strategies for dealing with text complexity, and want them to read broadly and deeply, alert to the intricacies of texts and to the power of language. Students will become extraordinary writers, who use details and powerful introductions and conclusions. They are also expected to become reflective and critical thinkers. It is my goal to ensure that you are prepared for high school, college and the world beyond. I want you to leave my class as stronger writers, readers and speakers, but I also want you to leave with an open mind, a positive attitude and the confidence to succeed in life.