Park City Prep Charter School

Enrollment Applications for the 2021-2022 School Year are now open. To obtain application use link under News and Announcements or Enrollment Tab....Students will return to classes on Monday January 4, 2021. All classes will be conducted remotely ...We plan to resume our "in-person", hybrid schedule of classes on Tuesday, January 19, 2021...We wish everyone happy & healthy holidays! Please be safe!
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School Profile


 Park City Prep, a public charter school, funded by the State of Connecticut, offers a comprehensive academic program with a special focus on science, technology and math. The school's mission is to develop student’s interest in science and technology and to prepare them for competitive, selective high schools. Each year, most graduates are accepted to one or more selective private or public choice high schools. Other features of the school include small class size, a rigorous curriculum, strict dress code, and a faculty dedicated to academic excellence.  

The school serves 360 students in grades 5, 6, 7, and 8, with an average of 22 students per class. Since Park City Prep is completely funded by the State of Connecticut, there is no cost to attend. Transportation is provided for students residing in Bridgeport; however, students from surrounding communities are encouraged and invited to attend, as well. Admission is open to all students. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of seats available, admission is determined by lottery. 

 Park City Prep serves primarily Bridgeport residents, but students from surrounding communities are invited, and encouraged, to apply, as well. The school calendar closely follows that of the Bridgeport Public Schools. Homeroom begins at 7:55 am and classes meet from 8:07 am to 3:55 pm. Extended day activities begin at 4:00 pm and end approximately 5:00 pm various days of the week. On Fridays, students are dismissed at noon, when teachers participate in professional development.

 Park City Prep is a public school, but not part of the Bridgeport school system. Its Board of Directors is the governing body of the school. As a public school, Park City Prep operates in accordance with all State of Connecticut education statutes. Like traditional public schools, our faculty is required to be certified by the Connecticut State Department of Education, our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards and all students are required to take the state-wide standardized tests.

 Connecticut's charter schools report directly to the Connecticut State Department of Education, which authorizes them to govern themselves according to the provisions of their state-approved charters.