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To All Park City Prep Families:Bridgeport has just announced an early dismissal today; as a result, Park City Prep will be dismissing all students at 1:30 pm today...There will not be any after-school activities today... The Grade 6 trip to Nature's Classroom is from Monday, December 2nd through Wednesday, December 4th.
Natalie Ellwanger » Eighth Grade English

Eighth Grade English

Welcome to 8th Grade English!
About your teacher...
Mrs. Ellwanger is teaching for her fourth year at Park City Prep Charter School. The first two years have been spent in the seventh grade, and she is in her second year teaching eighth grade. Before teaching at Park City Prep, Mrs. E. taught English in the north Bronx for four years. She loved her work there, but planned to move to Fairfield with her husband. 
Mrs. E. is very passionate about reading and writing. She hopes to share her enthusiasm and academic tricks with students. She looks forward to writing recommendations for students entry to high school!
About our class time...
The 8th grade English classes are 80 minutes long. Two days a week, students will focus on writing activities, and two days they will focus on reading lessons. Friday lessons will review. 
The classes will be broken into parts, and students are made aware of the daily schedule. 
The first 15 minutes - 
Students enter to receive a worksheet that focuses on a grammar or a vocabulary study. During that time, they write homework in their planners and turn in homework from the previous school day. 
The second 15 minutes - 
Students give their attention to Mrs. Ellwanger. She will instruct the class on a particular reading or writing skill, and show the students how to complete the work. The class uses a Smart Board, a document camera, and various texts to make the learning visual. Students should pay close attention, and raise their hands if they have a question or comment. 
The next 20 minutes - 
Students are given an opportunity to practice the skill just learned. Students will work independently, in pairs, or in groups to work on an assignment. The teacher will be moving around the classroom to help students and determine who needs more support. 
The last 30 minutes - 
Students have a half hour to do independent reading. Mrs. Ellwanger uses this quiet time to conference with individual or groups of students. 
The students are dismissed with their homework and planner stamped!
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Natalie Ellwanger
Language Arts Gr. 8
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As a double major in both English and Political Science at the University of Connecticut, I learned the importance of strong writing skills across subjects. My passion led me to work as peer tutor in the school’s Writing Center and as an instructor leading programs at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club. I was excited to work with young learners because of their great energy and impressionable minds. It was my own interest in teaching literature and my love of working with kids that set my course for teaching.
I was accepted early into the New York City Teaching Fellowship (NYCTF); additionally, I was accepted into Relay Graduate School of Education, a newly founded graduate program that actively teaches teachers how to teach, not simply what to teach.
I was hired to teach English in sixth and seventh grades at a middle school in the North Bronx. After 4 years there, I have progressed as a well-paced teacher, who keeps lessons active and engaging, while also including assessments to measure growth.
After moving to this area, I was eager to work in a school that prioritized achievement. I am very grateful and excited to be at Park CIty Prep!!!
Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata is a story about a Japanese-American family in post World War II America. The main character is a young girl trying to grow up while influenced by her siblings, parents, and society.