Park City Prep Charter School

To All Park City Prep Families:Bridgeport has just announced an early dismissal today; as a result, Park City Prep will be dismissing all students at 1:30 pm today...There will not be any after-school activities today... The Grade 6 trip to Nature's Classroom is from Monday, December 2nd through Wednesday, December 4th.
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Mr. Maggi's Guidance Page

Hello Park City Prep,

                                               Middle school is an exciting time in a student’s life. It is a time when students start connecting their learning in the classroom to its practical application in life, which can be challenging to all parties involved. The main service that we as school counselors want to provide is support and leadership for everyone involved in a student’s education.

            We implement the school guidance curriculum which involve academic skills, organizational skills, test taking skills, and study skills. We help students by teaching social skills and conflict resolution techniques which increase peer relationships, problem-solving and decision-making. We help with individual student planning including (but not limited to), goal setting, academic planning, career knowledge, education of self, and transition planning. We facilitate response services involving individual and small group counseling, individual/family/school crisis intervention, and referrals.

            We are also here to provide consultation and collaboration. We want to be there to support our students in whatever ways possible. We can assist with items such as behavior management, help understanding the student as a whole, or confronting problems before they become insurmountable. Please feel free to email me at or 203-953-3766 ext. 51


                                   Jared Maggi, MA, NCC