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Jonathan Jaekle » Mr. Jaekle - Grade 8 Physical Science

Mr. Jaekle - Grade 8 Physical Science

Density Test - Thursday October 11th
Welcome to the wonderful world of Physical Science!
This year we will be learning about matter, atoms, energy, motion, as well was waves and light.
The following websites will allow you to more fully explore the topics in our course:

How small is an atom?  Watch this fantastic video to find out!

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New Class Pet - an African Pygmy Hedgehog!

Students will be voting on a name for the new male african pygmy hedgehog. Students can submit name suggestions by writing the name on a piece of paper and giving it to Mr. Jaekle.

Slow-Motion Video: A Candle is Re-lit by Igniting the Smoke Plume

After a candle is extinguished, the hot wax continues to evaporate as smoke. In this slow-motion video, Mr. Jaekle re-lights a recently blown-out candle by lighting the smoke plume.

Aluminum changes from a solid to a liquid at 660 Celsius

Mr. Jaekle uses a propane forge to heat up aluminum until it melts. What states of matter are shown in this video? What chemical reaction takes place in the video?